Interested in presenting a webinar to CARA members?

CARA Webinar Template


CARA invites research administration experts from all countries to share their knowledge with research administrators across Canada and with our international guests as well. CARA consistently provides its membership with excellent webinars on diverse topics in research administration.

Presenter Information

Working in the second largest country in the world, Canadian research administrators require easy to access learning without travel.

In 2017, CARA offered 76 webinars and this will increase this year to meet the demand from our membership and ensure all our members have up to the minute access to information on best practices, current trends and changes in our profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to present?

A computer with internet access and (preferably) a headset (with microphone). Webcams or microphone may be used too. CARA has template slides for all webinars that speakers are required to use and these will be sent to you.

Will the webinar be recorded?

CARA records webinars with speaker permission so members unable to attend may access the information later

How long should the webinar be?

We offer webinars from 30-90 minutes at the discretion of the speaker(s). Usually our webinars are 60 minutes long with 10-15 minutes for question from attendees.

When are webinars presented?

Our webinars are typically scheduled from 12-1 p.m. Eastern so members in all our time zones may attend during typical working hours. For international speakers, we work to accommodate the speaker’s time zone and may, if agreeable to the presenter, record the webinar to make it accessible to our membership at a different time within the same month.

What do I need to do to present a webinar?

Please submit your topic proposal to Kaleb Antonides, Professional Development and Membership Services Coordinator. He will review the topic and schedule to see how it can best fit into CARA’s professional development program.

The webinar coordinator will contact you to schedule the webinar and system test to give you a tour of our platform.

You would submit a speaker bio and webinar abstract that CARA would use to advertise the webinar.

Lastly, prior to the webinar, you would submit your slides and we would upload them into the meeting room.

What support does CARA provide to speakers?

CARA coordinates the webinar from advertising to registration to moderation. We handle all technical aspects of the presentation. In advance of the webinar we do a brief test with you and show you the platform so you are familiar with the meeting space.

On the day of the webinar, the CARA webinar coordinator moderates the webinar which includes introducing you, assisting you and attendees as needed, facilitating questions, concluding the presentation and directing attendees to our survey.

After the webinar CARA sends survey results to the speaker.

We are here to help make your presentation a success and make the webinar process as simple as possible for our presenters!

Do attendees receive credit for webinar attendance?

CARA offers certificates in contracts, finance and grants. These certificates are non-evaluative and recognize learner participation in a series of webinars. In each of these topic areas attendees receive a certificate for completing the introductory, intermediate and advanced level webinar series. If a member completes all 3 levels CARA provides a certificate for overall attendance.

From October 2015 forward, attendees who are enrolled in the Certificate in Research Administration or Certificate in Research Management programs will complete live learning components of the certificates using webinars and/or conference attendance.

How does CARA acknowledge its presenters’ contributions?

CARA is very grateful to all our volunteers and has a volunteer recognition program applicable to all webinar presenters.

In addition, for each 3 webinars a speaker presents, she or he is eligible to receive a free advertisement in our CARA Connection newsletter.

What are some topics of interest to CARA members?

  • Clinical Research Administration
  • Contracts/Regulations/Legal issues
  • Communications
  • Compliance, Ethics and Research Integrity
  • Finance (costing proposals, budget creation and review, procurement, post-award management)
  • Grants (proposal development and review, post-award management)
  • Intellectual Property/Patents
  • Management and Operations (facilities/space/equipment management, metrics, project management, research impact, strategic planning)
  • Professional Development (leadership, management, communication skills, conflict resolution, mindfulness, succession planning, training)
  • Technology Transfer 

Contact: Kaleb Antonides