Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


Research administration is a large and complex profession with many and various roles and sub-specialties. CARA offers SIGs to support and engage each member at their particular specialty level. The majority of our members choose to participate in a SIG. Communication between members of each SIG is supported by a listserv and file-sharing through our website resource library. SIGs members share articles, checklists, posters, templates,  and other resources with their peers.

Each SIG has a nominated Leader who fosters interaction among the SIG members and organizes activities the SIG membership wishes to undertake. The leaders and the SIG members design and implement appropriate professional development opportunities to help educate and develop the members.

Please select the SIGs you would like to join by logging into your profile. 




Clinical Research - led by Lauren Gogo

Colleges, Institutes, and Polytechnics - led by Danielle Puddicombe and Rachel Brown

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion - led by Gwen Hill

Finance - led by Amanda Sawlor and Murray Daku

Export Controls - Leader position vacant

Grant Writers and Facilitators - led by Ann Marie Field and Sherri Klassen

Information Technology - led by Scott Baker

Institution Contract Reviewers - led by Lauren Gogo

International Research - Leader position vacant

Leadership- led by Katie Porter

New Research Administrators- led by Anita Sharma

Awards, Honours, and Prizes - led by Julaine Hall and Marie-Claude Tremblay

Project Management - led by Kimberley Sivak and Robyn Rsocoe

Small Institutions - led by Deborah Zornes

Indigenous Research- led by Fleur Macqueen Smith and Gregory Riehl

Writers- Leader position vacant

NSERC- Leader position vacant

SSHRC- led by Virginie Portes

CIHR- led by Jenna Slobozian

CFI - led by Shelley Brown


The form with more information about CARA's SIGs is available here!