All CARA members are invited to realize the full scope of the practice of research administration through volunteer opportunities in leadership, membership engagement, mentoring, publishing, teaching, editing, researching, event planning, and other areas. Volunteering is a great way to enhance your career, expand your professional network and have fun! You will gain additional experience and help guide the future of research management in Canada.

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Volunteer Recognition

A member-driven organization, CARA is dependent upon and very grateful for, all its volunteers. Volunteers’ generosity and expertise are the foundation of all of our successes. We recognize their contributions in many ways including:

-  Recognition wall of volunteers on the CARA website

-  Annual certificate/thank-you email in recognition of contribution. The CARA President copies volunteer’s supervisors as requested

-  Two free webinar passes per year

-  Several prizes draw (for movie passes, additional free webinars, etc)

-  Possibility of being nominated and winning a distinguished CARA award

-  The invitation to the President’s Reception at CARA national

-  Preferential consideration in the awarding of bursaries for the Research Administration Certificate

-  Volunteer translators are eligible to receive a 12 cents/word credit, which they are then able to accumulate and apply towards the cost of membership, conference or webinar registration

-  Possibility of being featured in the Volunteer Spotlight feature in the newsletter


Check our current Volunteer Recognition Program here.


Other Benefits of Volunteering

"Volunteering with CARA allows me to discover how others handle similar situations that I find myself in at my university. It ensures that I find new and potentially more efficient methods of implementing programs and services in my job. It also encourages me to engage in activities that give me a break from my regular tasks at work thus adding some diversification to my day.” Frances Chandler, UBC


"I am motivated to volunteer for many different reasons. In my community, it is especially to meet others with similar interests; in CARA, it is the desire to be helpful, to know the work I do is important and necessary." Marlene Cormier, Université de Saint-Boniface


"I decided to volunteer with CARA in their new CARA Connection newsletter for a number of reasons.  The most obvious reasons were to get more involved with the CARA community, to network and to include the experience on my CV.  After volunteering for a few months, I realized the obvious reasons were secondary.  I found that I had a chance to work with a number of talented individuals, who were able to teach me a number of new skills.  I was also able to discover that I had more to offer to the group than I had originally planned, which to my surprise was very fulfilling." Mike Folinas, University of Toronto


“For me, it's a way of paying back all the people who helped me when I first started. I was in a one-person office so I had no internal people to guide me. The CARA members were always there to answer questions I had.” Sally Gray, Wilfrid Laurier University


“… some of the main reasons why I enjoy volunteering:

  • in terms of mentorship, truly enjoy helping/supporting others in my field, noting how particularly valuable it can be at earlier career stages
  • by sharing my experiences, the hope is they may be of some value to other colleagues in their roles as they face upcoming challenges
  • enables me to geographically expand my own network and continue to learn from others in the various areas of research administration
  • on a personal level, a very rewarding way to feel like I am giving something back to association/community/colleagues
  • enables me to meet new people within a field I am very passionate about, with the added benefit of possibly developing long term relationships (professional and/or friendships)” David Harris, University of Saskatchewan


"Volunteering in my community, workplace, and professional associations provides me with a myriad of experiences and contacts that help me to develop as a person, parent, colleague, and friend. It provides me with an opportunity to learn about my small and big world, develop my communication skills, and engage with people who share my passions. It also encourages me to interact with individuals who may share my passion but not my values or upbringing thus exposing me to new viewpoints and expanding my knowledge."


"In regards to CARA, volunteering allows me to connect with all kinds of people from across this massive Canadian landmass and internationally as well.   Volunteering is selfless, as I freely give up my time and talents, but it is also selfish as I make connections that may help me in the event I am out of work! (…common in this baby boom generation of which I am a part)".


"Taking time to work with, and mentor others, provides me with a sense of satisfaction and a do-good attitude that leaves me with that warm and fuzzy feeling, but it can also be frustrating as well. It is not always a rosy time when I am up at all hours doing work I am not paid to do. In every volunteer experience, I have undertaken, however, warm and fuzzy returns when a job is well done and someone’s life, job, or community is enhanced".