Executive Committee


Dominique Michaud

Concordia University

Dominique is the Director, Research Development in the Office of the Vice-President Research & Graduate Studies at Concordia University. She has been active in research administration for over 30 years with prior appointments first as a research coordinator and then as a research advisor in humanities and social sciences at Université du Québec à Montréal before taking her position at Concordia in 2012. She is a Past President of ADARUQ, the Québec Association of University Research Administrators where she was active from 2007-2013. She has been active in CARA since 2013 when she first presented at the New Administrators Workshop. Dominique has been sitting on the CARA Board since 2015, first as Member-at-Large from 2015-2017 and then Vice-President from 2017-2021.

Drew Gyorke

University of Toronto

Drew worked in research administration since 2002 where he started as a Social Sciences and Humanities Grants Advisor at McMaster University before joining the University of Toronto as a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Officer, becoming Director of Agency and Foundation Funding in Research Services in 2008.

Angela Zeno

York University

Angela Zeno is a long-time leader in CARA’s finance community and has been recognized for her achievements in welcoming new colleagues to CARA, co-developing conferences workshops for fellow finance experts, and presenting research finance webinars to our membership. Angela is a networking catalyst among research finance professionals and she has helped created a collegial, dynamic community of her peers. 

Past President
Deborah Zornes

Royal Roads University

As director of research services at Royal Roads University, Dr. Deborah Zornes is responsible for strategic and operational directions of research administration and research support at the university, working with faculty to find research opportunities, assisting in the development and submission of proposals, and the management and reporting of research activities.
Zornes has more than 20 years’ experience in research administration. Zornes is also the past President of the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA), and serves as a member of the Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat’s Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy; the Tri-Agency Grants Management System (Gateway) working group, and the CIHR University Delegates Executive Committee.

The Executive Board Terms of Reference are available here.


Members at Large


Rachel Brown

Niagra College

Rachel has been the Research Grants & Contracts Officer at Niagara College for more than 11 years, which has allowed for being a witness to the unprecedented growth of College Research Offices throughout Canada, while being an integral part of the growth of the award-winning research office at Niagara College. Rachel is passionate about continual improvement and advancement opportunities. She is a long-time CARA volunteer who has been active in the increased profile of Colleges within the CARA organization. As an active member with CARA since 2011, she is committed to advancing opportunities for members from Colleges, Institutions, and Polytechnics.

Mike Folinas

University of Toronto

Mike Folinas is the Research Funding Manager for the Natural Sciences and Engineering unit with the Agency and Foundation Funding team in Research Services Office (RSO) at the University of Toronto.  Mike is an alumnus of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. He has worked in a variety of roles with the UofT since 2003 before eventually joining the RSO, first with the Institutional Initiatives unit before taking on the Research Funding Manager role where he oversees a team of 2 others managing the University’s NSERC funding programs along with a range of other opportunities including the Canadian Space Agency, CFAR and Ontario Ministry of Transportation funding. Mike currently volunteers with the CARA Connection and is responsible for the “Recommend a Resource”, “Question of the Month” sections and is avidly involved in advertising for the newsletter. Mike is a keen traveler, golfer, hockey player, and skier.

Lauren Gogo

Hamilton Health Sciences

Lauren Gogo is currently the Manager of Research Contracts at Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation.  She is responsible for reviewing and negotiating clinical research contracts and providing direction to a team of contract negotiators, as well as focusing on strategic and policy projects involving research.  Prior to joining HHSC, Lauren was a Contracts Officer at the University of Toronto where she negotiated industry and government agreements in the Biomedical and Life Sciences Sector.  She is well versed in negotiating intellectual property terms and worked closely with the commercialization team at U of T on agreements both pre- and post-invention.  She was also a Research Business Analyst at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, and negotiated many clinical trial agreements as well as participated on the research ethics board to answer any contract-related questions. Lauren has a Masters in Biomedical Technology and is an active member of the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) where she previously served as the coordinating editor of the newsletter, the CARA Connection, for almost two years.  Lauren has contributed articles to the CARA Connection and upcoming blog, presented webinars, and served as the CARA translation coordinator, ensuring that pieces such as articles for the newsletter, CARA bylaws, and webinar information are translated by volunteers.  She has also presented workshops and sessions at CARA National.

Karen Mosier

University of Saskatchewan

Karen E. Mosier is a Research Coordinator/Navigator for the Department of Surgery in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Karen has her BA in Psychology and MSc in Pharmacy. Karen has over sixteen years’ experience in research administration. Karen recently published her first book entitled Soft Skills and Professional Tips for the Office. Karen has been a member of CARA since 2010. She regularly attends the CARA Annual conferences. Karen completed her Certificate in Research Administration through ARMA. She is involved in mentoring other students within the CRA program offered through Mohawk College and is also a member of the Research Administration Program Advisory Committee. Karen is a member of the CARA Professional Development Taskforce and regularly writes articles for the CARA Connection newsletter. Karen was the recipient of the Dan Chase Distinguished Service Award – Priority Initiatives in 2018, the Community Builder Award in 2019, the Spirit of Kindness Award in 2020, and the Research Management Excellence Award in 2021. Karen appreciates all the professional development opportunities available through CARA.

Danielle Puddicombe

Red river College

Danielle Puddicombe is the Research Finance and Operations Coordinator at Red River College with over 14 years of experience in applied research administration.  She is responsible for the management and oversight of all operating and financial aspects of the research department, such as financial tracking and reporting;  acting as the key contact with funding bodies regarding financial and administrative matters; leading various administrative management processes and activities; managing the research operations team; and engaging in quality and process improvement activities. Danielle has been a member of CARA since 2005, has co-lead the College SIG group since 2017, and is an active member within the conference committee. She has actively engaged with research administrators across Canada, providing guidance and insight on the role research administrators have within the College setting; as well as increasing the awareness within the association of the impact that Colleges have in the applied research industry and the importance to have more representation of Colleges within CARA. Her goals for her term on the Executive is to continue to highlight the important role that Canada’s Colleges, Polytechnics and Institutions bring to the applied research table and champion for the growth of the Colleges/Polytechnics membership and engagement within CARA.

Amanda Sawlor

University of Guelph

Amanda is the Director, Research Financial Services at the University of Guelph. Amanda brings over 15 years' experience working in Research Administration related to a variety of areas: from research assistant as a graduate student to pre and post-award functions within a not for profit organization, and in both small and medium-sized universities. As an approachable professional whose philosophy is that in order to have a productive team there needs to be a spirit of collaboration, positive energy and lots of enthusiasm, Amanda has presented conference sessions and webinars and has been an active member of CARA for over 10 years. She is also the past Finance SIG Lead and is always willing to share experiences with other Research Administrators.

Agency Liaison Representatives


James Waring



Andrew Wakefield



Jas Michalski


Jas Michalski has been in a leadership role within NSERC's Corporate Secretariat since 2014 working on continuous process improvement, quality assurance and the furtherance of Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) harmonization.  Prior to joining NSERC Jas worked at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities as Development Manager for the Green Municipal Fund where he managed the eligibility criteria, funding limits and the competitive selection process for capital projects and developed reporting metrics.  Jas holds a BSc from Queen’s University and is a Registered Professional Biologist.  

Michele Beaudry


Michèle has been a Senior Programs Officer at the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) since 2009 and has many years of experience in research administration and project management. As a Senior Programs Officer, Michèle provides advice on strategic planning and takes a lead role in the development, design and implementation of CFI programs and policies, including managing the review of grant applications for research infrastructure as well as post-award processes. Her career as a senior program manager with the Canadian federal agencies spans more than twenty years, prior to joining CFI, Michèle was Program Officer for the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council.  Michèle holds a Master’s degree in Plant physiology and Bachelors in Biology and Agronomy from Université Laval.